AA Insurance Best Driver Contest

AA Insurance has launched a nationwide search to find best drivers with PHYD eCall, a new intelligent driving mobile application. PHYD eCall scores a driver’s performance every time they get behind the wheel, using telematics to measure driving performance against a range of factors including acceleration, braking, cornering and speed. The app provides a score for each completed journey, as well as useful driving tips.

From now until 31 May 2017, the driver with the highest score will be crowned AAI’s  “Best Driver” and win prizes worth $10,000, including free fuel for one year valued at S$5,000, car spa vouchers worth S$2,000 and a customised $3,000 AAI CashCard.

The app also enables motorists to influence their own AAI car insurance premiums by improving their driving behaviour. Safe drivers with high scores – regardless of whether they are new or existing customers with AAI – will be rewarded with discounts of up to 15 per cent off their annual AAI car insurance premiums. The safer the driver, the bigger the savings, so the app encourages drivers to stay safe on the roads and save on their premiums at the same time.

AAI Head of Auto Insurance, Chen Wen, said the insurer is proud to launch AAI PHYD eCall to empower drivers to become better and safer drivers.

“This is part of our commitment to create safer communities in Singapore, where more than half of drivers admit to being unsafe on the roads, according to an AIG Singapore survey conducted in 2015.

“While the conditions on the roads have generally improved based on the latest Traffic Police’s data, we also saw some areas that could be improved. For example, injury accidents rose from 8,058 cases in 2015 to 8,277 incidents last year. This increase of 2.7 per cent reflects a continued upward trend over the last four years.

“We hope that by incentivising drivers to cultivate good road safety habits with dollar savings, we can help to reduce traffic incidents and build a larger community of safer road users,” Mr Chen said.

In an effort to challenge driving stereotypes, participants can also enter the “Men vs Women – Who are the Safer Drivers?” team contest. Running from now to 30 April 2017, the competition pits male and female drivers against one another, and will end the debate once and for all about which gender are better drivers.

Other features of the AAI PHYD eCall application include roadside assistance, directions to workshops and a parental control function – all tools to help keep drivers safe.

With AAI survey in 2015 showing that younger drivers are more likely to exhibit reckless behaviour on the road compared to older drivers, the app includes a parental control feature that is designed to enable parents to track their children’s driving behaviour.

“Our survey showed that almost 70 per cent of drivers would consider installing a telematics device in return for lower car insurance premiums, and more than half of drivers believe telematics would change their driving habits for the better. We believe our new app will result in positive, long-term changes in road safety,” Mr Chen added.

AAI PHYD eCall is part of AAI mission to keep road users safe. In 2015, AAI launched a road safety programme for pre-schoolers to cultivate a generation of safer road users with good road safety habits. The programme was expanded in 2016 in partnership with the Traffic Police, and to date, has educated close to 4,000 pre-schoolers about road safety. Some 900 more preschoolers will benefit from the programme in 2017.

Globally, AAI is part of Together for Safer Roads, the first-ever global coalition of private sector companies that uses its members’ data, technology and networks to promote safer roads and vehicles.